Raised Access Flooring

The nature of work is constantly changing and technology is progressing so fast, it’s difficult to stay ahead. As needs change, your space should evolve as well and you can start with what’s happening below your feet. Raised Access Flooring is flexible, responsive, cost-efficient, and beautiful.

  • Haworth TecCrete
  • Haworth Porcelain Flooring System

Modular & Moveable Walls

Modular & moveable walls easily adapt and respond to evolving environments and the finishing options deliver harmonious, integrated aesthetics. All options are made with highly recyclable materials, provide design freedom, and a healthier working environment for your company. Like the raised access flooring, reconfiguration is now made easy.

  • Haworth Enclose
  • Haworth Enclose Frameless Glass
  • Haworth Travati

Modular Electrical

Power Base AI enables seamless plug-and-play power to where you need it most, including freestanding and systems furniture, moveable walls, access floors, and ceilings.